What are the available Sound Modes to select in Samsung H Series TV(UA40H6400)?

Last Update date : Oct 14. 2020

Sound modes apply preset adjustments to the sound output, optimised for different viewing and listening circumstances. Choose the right sound mode for the environment.




Below mentioned are the available Sound modes in Samsung TV :


● Standard : This is the normal sound mode.

● Music : This mode emphasizes normal music instead of voice.

● Movie : This mode is calibrated to provide the best sound for movies.

● Clear Voice : This mode emphasizes voice.

● Amplify : This mode increases the overall intensity of high-frequency sounds for a better listening experience. It is designed for hearing-impaired listeners.

● Stadium : Setting Soccer Mode (System > Sports Mode) to On automatically configures Sound Mode to Stadium for a more realistic viewing experience.



i). Stadium cannot be selected by the user.

ii). Whether Sports Mode is displayed depends on the area.

iii). The sound modes cannot be used when you are listening to audio through external speakers.




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