What are the Functions available while Viewing Photos in Samsung H Series TV?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020

Press ENTER to access the following buttons. Pressing RETURN hides the playback buttons.




● Pause / Play :
Start or stop the slide show. The slide show feature displays all the photos contained in the selected folder, one photo at a time.

● Previous / Next :
View the previous/next photo in the queue.

● Settings :





Slideshow Settings 

 Speed: Set the slide show speed.
 Effects: Apply transition effects to the slide show.


 Rotate the photo.


 Zoom in by up to a factor of 4.

Picture Mode 

 Change Picture Mode.

Background Music 

 Listen to background music while viewing photos.

 NOTE : The music file must be located on the same device

 as the photo files. A mini player appears on the screen when

 background music is played. Use the mini player to pause

 the music or play a different music file.

Sound Mode 

 Change Sound Mode.

 NOTE : This option is supported only when background

 music is playing.

Select Speakers 

 Choose speakers for the background music.


 This function is the same as the "Copy" function of a

 computer. Use this function to send the current photo to

 another storage device.


 View detailed information about the current photo.


NOTE : Actual Image options may vary depending upon model to model. 


Last Updated on: 03/06/2014

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