What is Eco Solution in Samsung H Series TV(UA40H6400)?

Last Update date : Oct 27. 2020


Eco Solution adjusts the Samsung TV's brightness level and prevents overheating to reduce overall power consumption. The backlight on some televisions has the facility to adjust automatically, in accordance with the ambient light (surrounding background light level). This function can be activated by setting the Eco Solution, within the TV's menu.




Below mentioned are the Settings available under Eco solution :


● Energy Saving : Select a brightness setting from the list to reduce the TV's power consumption.


● Eco Sensor : Automatically adjusts the TV's brightness level based on the ambient light level to reduce the TV's power consumption. 


● No Signal Power Off : Select a time from the list. If no signal is received for the specified duration, the TV automatically cuts off the power to reduce power consumption.


● Auto Power Off : If the TV remains turned on for four hours without any user input, the TV will automatically turn off to prevent overheating.


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