Can I open the door of my washing machine even before the washing cycle is completed?

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

When water is still in the washing machine, the door cannot be opened. The door is automatically locked for Safety Reasons when tub is filled with water.

Note: The door may be locked if the water is too hot inside the washing machine or water remains in the washer.

If you want to open the door during the washing cycle, press Stop button.


If the tub is full of water or too hot, it will remain locked for a while for your safety.


In this situation, do not force to open the door. Wait until the unit cools down. Then select Spin Only to drain the water.

Pausing the Wash

Within 5 minutes as you start a wash, it is possible to add/remove laundry items.


Simply do the following:

1. Press the StartPause button to unlock the door.

Note: If the water level or the water temperature inside the drum is too high, the door can not be opened with the blinking “Door Lock “ indicator. In this case, wait until the indicator stops blinking. (It will take approximately 1 or 2 minutes until the indicator stops blinking.)

2. Open the door and add/ remove laundry.

3. After closing the door, press the Start/ Pause button to restart the wash.




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