[Gear VR] How do I use the touch pad or move the pointer or screen?

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

Using the touchpad

The touchpad is located on the right of the Gear VR, and is used to select items or to control the Gear VR


To select a menu item, move your head to place the pointer on top of the desired item and tap the touchpad with a finger.


Note: When you are not wearing the Gear VR, the touchpad does not work

To move to the next item, swipe forwards across the touchpad.



To go back to the previous item, swipe backwards across the touchpad



To move to the next item, swipe downwards across the touchpad.



To move to the previous item, swipe upwards across the touchpad.



Moving the pointer or screen

The Gear VR recognises your head movements and then translates that information as a location within your current screen environment. Some screens may not display a pointer.


- Moving your head around also changes the views and perspectives of the current screen.
- The pointer and screen views change depending on the detected location of your head.


Note: The pointer is centred in your line of sight and follows your head movements.



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