Troubleshoot common NFC and Flip Wallet issues

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

The Flip Wallet is a smartphone case designed to safeguard your Galaxy smartphones. You can travel light with the Flip Wallet - store a personal card, transport card or other in the handy and secure pouch on the inside of the cover.

1. Check if you've stored a credit card

If you have stored a credit card in your Flip Wallet, the NFC feature may not work normally. This applies to other models and accessories from other manufacturers. Remove the credit card from your Flip Wallet and test again. 

2. Check if you're using an authentic Samsung Flip Wallet

An imitation Flip Wallet might be the cause of your NFC error. To get full NFC feature support, please purchase an authentic Samsung Flip Wallet

3. Update your software to improve phone performance

Update your software


  • Older software version may cause unstable phone performance. 
  • Follow these steps to update your software: Setting > More > About Device > Software 


Factory reset


  • Software crashes or third party applications may cause unstability phone performance.
  • Perform full factory reset by following method to resolve the problem: Setting > Accounts > Backup and reset


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