Protect Your Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9 Plus

Last Update date : Oct 02. 2020

What better way to protect your precious Galaxy S9 than to cocoon it with the right Samsung original phone cover? Here's a list of cases to help you safeguard your device from being damaged:

Galaxy S9 Alcantara Cover
Galaxy S9 Alcantara Cover

Wrap your Galaxy S9 into a more elegant device with the Alcantara Cover case. Made with a premium genuine Alcantara from the inside out, its velvet soft skin helps shield your device from external shock.

• Full access to ports, controls and connectors

• Grander look

• Durable and stain-resistant

• Available in Red, Black, Blue and Mint colours

Galaxy S9 Hyperknit Cover
Galaxy S9 Hyperknit Cover

The Hyperknit Cover case gives you a better grip on your Galaxy S9.

• Texture designed with a woven fabric, you can hold your device tight and comfortable

• Sporty and lightweight – it doesn't add bulk to your device

• Available in Red and Grey colours

Galaxy S9 LED View Cover
Galaxy S9 LED View Cover

Take your Galaxy S9 to another level of protection and functionality with the LED View Cover case. Designed like a clam made with a fabric-like material, you can take delight in a more comfortable grip with your hands wrapped around the case.      

• Add time, battery status or important alerts on the display to keep you in the loop, even without flipping the cover or launching the phone      

• Respond to incoming calls through the interactive cover with a touch • Assign personalised icons to alerts from your contacts. The LED View Cover comes with 54 preloaded icons. You can add 60 more
custom icons if you wish to      

• 1 slot for an important bank card or transit card

• Available in Purple, Black and Blue colours

Galaxy S9 Protective Standing Cover
Galaxy S9 Protective Standing Cover

If protecting your Galaxy S9 means serious business to you, the Protective Standing Cover case is what you need. Engineered with a military-grade protection, this case will cushion your device from drops and shocks to an optimum level.

• Certified with MIL-STD 810G (method 516.7) protection, the case can protect your device against drops from a height of 1.5 metres, under certain defined test conditions. Please note that individual test results may vary  


• Built-in kickstand so you can stream videos and movies at a convenient position

• Available in Black and Silver colours

Galaxy S9 Clear View Cover
Galaxy S9 Clear View Cover

Make the most out of streaming content with the Clear View Cover and take pleasure in your Galaxy S9's Infinity Display. Made for media, this innovative full-screen view cover allows your device to stand for easy viewing. Fold the cover back to let your device stand so you can watch videos and movies in a landscape angle.

• Designed like a clam, allowing for a well-fitted hold of your device   

• Using NFC tag, the intelligent cover can recommend themes that suit your cover's colour   

• Dedicated user interface enables you to tap and swipe. Without flipping the cover, you can still respond to calls, control your music and do other tasks. You can also view time, date and battery level right from the outside      


• Available in Black, Blue, Purple and Gold colours

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