Comparison table of Galaxy Buds 2019 vs IconX 2018

Last Update date : Jun 30. 2022

Samsung Galaxy Buds are packed with new implementation / improvement such as 6 hour music streaming, premium sound quality, wireless charging and more.


Compare these new improvements on Samsung Galaxy Buds with IconX 2018 below:  

Galaxy Buds


Galaxy Buds 2019

Gear IconX 2018


Black, White, Yellow

Black, Gray, Pink


Playback: Total 13 hours (earbuds 6 hours + case 7 hours)

Talk Time: Total 11 hours (earbuds 5 hours + case 6 hours)

Playback: Total 10 hours (earbuds 5 hours + case 5 hours)

Talk Time: Total 8 hours (earbuds 4 hours + case 4 hours)


Wired/wireless/D2D charging

Wired charging only 

Quick Charging

15 minutes charging = 1.7 hours (100 min.) playback time

10 minutes charging = 1 hour playback time


One outer microphone + one inner microphone

Two outer microphones

In-ear Sensor

IR sensor + Accelerometer + Proximity sensor (VSCEL)

IR Sensor


Bluetooth 5.0

Bluetooth 4.2

Bixby control 

Mobile Device + Galaxy Buds function

Mobile Device function

Supported Codec

Samsung Scalable Audio & Speech Codec, SBC, AAC

Samsung Scalable Audio & Speech Codec, SBC


Ambient Sound, Touch UX

Ambient Sound, Touch UX

Please note: Samsung Scalable Codec is supported on Galaxy devices with OS Android Nougat or higher

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