Galaxy Note 8: How do I charge the battery of Galaxy Note 8?

Last Update date : Dec 14. 2020

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Charge the battery before using it for the first time or when it has been unused for extended periods.

1 Connect the USB cable to the USB power adaptor, and plug the USB cable into the device’s multipurpose jack.
Galaxy Note 8: How do I charge the battery of Galaxy Note 8?
2 Plug the USB power adaptor into an electric socket.
3 Charge it unit the phone is fully charged (100%), disconnect the charger from the device. Then, unplug the charger from the electric socket.


Connecting the charger improperly may cause serious damage to the device. Any damage caused by misuse is not covered by the warranty.

The maximum charging power for Galaxy Note 8 is 15W.

 If you want to charge with a Micro USB cable, connect the Micro USB Connector to the phone and than connect the Micro USB cable in to the Micro USB Connector as per photo under.

  • Do not plug a Micro USB cable into your device’s multipurpose jack. Doing so may damage the device and the cable.
  • The Micro USB connector is used for charging the battery and connecting to a computer.
Galaxy Note 8: How do I charge the battery of Galaxy Note 8?

You can also use the USB connector(USB type-C) to charge another mobile device with your device’s battery.


Plug the USB connector(USB Type-C) into your device’s multipurpose jack, and connect your device and the other device via the other device’s USB cable.


When charging start, the battery charging icon will appear on the other device’s screen.

Please note: The app selection pop-up window that appears on your device is for data transfer. Do not select an app from the pop-up window


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