How do I use motions and gestures

Last Update Date : Jan 16. 2018

* Please note, this section is designed to give you basic product troubleshooting information, also refer to your user manual for more information.



Built-in motion recognition allows you to perform actions by
moving your device or making gestures with your hands.
To use these functions, you must first activate the motion
recognition feature. In the application list, select Settings →


note Excessive shaking or impact the device may result in 
            unintended inputs. To learn how to control motions 
            properly, in the application list, select Settings → 
            Motion → Learn about motions ►



Pick up 
Pick up the device after not using 
it for a while or when the screen 
has turned off. The device will 
vibrate if you have missed calls or 
new messages. 
                                                        pick up 
Hold to ear
While viewing call, message, or
contact details, pick up and hold
the device to your ear to make a
voice call. 
                                                        hold to ear 

While holding the device with
two hands, tap and hold two
points on the screen, and then
tilt the device back and forth to
zoom in or out when viewing
images or browsing webpages. 
Pan to move
While holding an item, slide the
device to the left or right to move
the item to another page on the
Home screen or the application
                                                            pan to move 

Pan to browse
When an image is zoomed in, tap
and hold a point on the screen,
and then slide the device in any
direction to scroll through the
                                                                pan to browse 
●Shake your device to search for
Bluetooth devices or Kies air
●Shake your device to update
the list of email messages or
information from Yahoo News,
Yahoo Finance, or AccuWeather. 
note Updates will not work 
            for widgets on the Home 




Double-tap the device to move
to the top of a list of contacts or
email messages. 
                                                                double tap 
Turn over
Place the device face down to
mute ringtones, pause media
playback, or mute the FM radio. 
                                                                      turn over 
Hand sweep
Sweep your hand to the left or
right across the screen to capture
a screenshot. 
                                                                        hand sweep 

Palm touch
Touch the screen with your palm
to pause media playback or mute
the FM radio. 
                                                                            palm touch 
While the screen is locked, tap
and hold the screen, and then
rotate the device to the landscape
view to launch the camera (when
the camera shortcut is activated).





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