Icons on my phone's Notification Bar

Last Update Date : Jan 16. 2018

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When you drag your notification bar down, different icons are shown both on top and on the bar. Learn what each icon means.


Signal Strength icon

Signal Strength: The greater the number of bars, the stronger the signal.

Airplane Mode icon

Airplane Mode: You cannot send or receive any calls or access online information.

No Signal icon

No Signal: No service is available.

No SIM Card icon

SIM Card: No SIM card installed in the device.

3G: Connected to the 3G network. Flashing colored arrows indicate data being transmitted.

4G LTE: Connected to the 4G LTE network. An animated icon indicates data being transmitted.

4G: Connected to the 4G network. An animated icon indicates data being transmitted.

Active Call icon

Call: Call is in progress.

Call Forwarding Active

Call Forwarding: Call forwarding is active.

Call Missed icon

Missed Call: Missed incoming call.

Call Hold icon

Hold: Active call is on hold.

Auto Reject Mode icon

Auto Reject Mode: Device is set to automatically reject All Calls or from Reject List.

Download: File or application download is in progress.

Upload: Outbound file transfer is in progress.

Speakerphone Active icon

Speakerphone: Speakerphone is active.

Call Muted icon

Mute: Microphone is muted on active call.

Driving Mode Icon

Driving Mode: Driving mode feature is active.

TalkBack Icon

TalkBack: The TalkBack feature is active.

Battery: Displays the charge level. Icon shown indicates the battery is fully charged.

Charging: Battery is charging.

Battery Critical: Battery has only 4 percent or less power remaining and will soon shut down.

New Email: New email message received.

New Message: New message received.

Voicemail: New voicemail received.

Calendar Event Icon

Calendar: You have a missed Calendar event.

New Google+™: New Google+ notification received.

New Gmail™: New Gmail message received.

Samsung Account: Set up a Samsung account.

Kies Air: Kies Air is active and communicating.

Alarm: An alarm has been set.

Event: Time and date for a Calendar Event has arrived.

Silent/Mute: All sounds are silenced, and Silent mode is set to Mute.

Vibrate: All sounds except media and alarms are silenced, and Silent mode is set to Vibrate

Blocking Mode: Blocking mode feature is active.

Sync: Data and application synchronization is in progress.

GPS: GPS is on and

Input Method: When the keyboard is active, touch to select the text input mode.

Screenshot: A screen capture has been taken and stored in the clipboard.

Music Player: Song is playing within the Music Player application.

Nearby Devices: Device is sharing/streaming media with nearby devices.

Google Play™ Store Updates: Application updates are available for download from Google Play Store.

Google Play Store Download: Google Play Store download has successfully been installed.

Bluetooth Active: Bluetooth® feature is active on the device.

Bluetooth Connected: Bluetooth feature is active and communicating with another device.

Smart Screen Icon

Smart Screen: One or more Smart screen features is on.

Wi-Fi Available: Wi-Fi feature is active and there is an available and open Wi-Fi network.

Wi-Fi® Active: Wi-Fi is connected, active, and communicating with a Wireless Access Point.

Wi-Fi Direct Connected: Wi-Fi Direct is active and your device is communicating with another device.

USB connected icon

USB: Device is connected to a computer via a supported USB cable.

Notifications: There are too many on-screen notification icons to display. Touch to display more notifications.

USB Tethered: Device is tethered via a supported USB cable connection.

Mobile Hotspot: Device is configured as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot.

AT&T NFC Active Icon

NFC®: NFC (Near Field Communication) is active and ready.

microSD™ Alert: Memory card has been unexpectedly or improperly removed.

microSD Card Preparing for Use

microSD Mounting: Your microSD card is being mounted and prepared for use.

microSD Unmount: Memory card has been unmounted and is now ready for removal or formatting.

NFC icon 

NFC®: NFC (Near Field Communication) is active and ready.





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