Why is my Note9 not recognising my S Pen properly?

Last Update Date : Sep 06. 2018
S Pen Note 9

There are a number of reasons why the S Pen is not being recognised by your Note9 properly. Click on each of the below to find out more: 

S Pen remote disconnectedClick to Expand
S Pen Disconnected

Your S Pen may have ran out of power or disconnected due to distance from the Note9. Simply tap on the notification Reconnect S Pen and insert your S Pen back into Note9 for it to re-connect. You'll be able to use S Pen Remote again after that.

Third Party AccessoriesClick to Expand

Some phone cases have a magnet on them to keep the wallet case closed. This can interfere with the recognition of S Pen, causing lines to be curved and areas on the screen to not recognise the S Pen at all. Please be aware of this or try another type of phone case that suits you.

S Pen nib may need replacingClick to Expand
S Pen Nib
  1. Firmly hold the nib with the tweezers and pull to remove it
  2. Insert a new nib into the S Pen


Be careful not to pinch your fingers with the tweezers.

  • Do not reuse old nibs. Doing so may cause the S Pen to malfunction.
  • Do not press the nib excessively when inserting the nib into the S Pen.
  • Do not insert the round end of the nib into the S Pen. Doing so may cause damage to the S Pen or your device.
  • Do not bend or apply excessive pressure with the S Pen while using it. The S Pen may be damaged or the nib may be deformed.
  • Do not hard press on the screen with the S Pen. The pen nib may be deformed.
  • If you use the S Pen at sharp angles on the screen, the device may not recognize the S Pen actions.
  • If water enters the S Pen slot, gently shake the device to remove the water from the slot before using it.

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