How do I install the SIM or USIM card on Tab S4

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020

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Please note:  

  • There are 2 models of the Tab s4, please ensure you are using the Tab S4 (4G) model. There is no slot for a simcard on the Tab S4 (Wi-Fi) model.
  • Use only a nano-SIM card with this device
  • Use caution not to lose or let others use the SIM or USIM card. Samsung is not responsible for any damages or inconveniences caused by lost or stolen cards.
  • Some LTE services may not be available depending on the service provider. For more information about service availability, contact your service provider.
Inserting SIM card diagram
1 Place the device with the bottom facing upwards.
2 Insert the ejection pin into the hole on the tray to loosen the tray.

Please note: Ensure that the ejection pin is perpendicular to the hole. Otherwise, the device may
be damaged.

3 Pull out the tray gently from the tray slot.
4 Place the SIM or USIM card on the tray with the gold-coloured contacts facing upwards.
SIM in tray slot
5 Gently press the SIM or USIM card into the tray to secure it.

Please note: If the card is not fixed firmly into the tray, the SIM card may leave or fall out of the tray.

6 Insert the tray back into the tray slot.

Please Note:

• If you insert the tray into your device while the tray is wet, your device may be damaged. Always make sure the tray is dry.
• Fully insert the tray into the tray slot to prevent liquid from entering your device.

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