What can I do to remove the moisture detected notification?

Last Update date : Dec 23. 2020

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IP68 in a mobile phone is designed to disable the charging functionality through the charging port when moisture has been detected on the device. This is a system level warning notification designed for safety which you unable to turn off.


If you see one of the below pops up, the device will need to be dried off properly before it will start charging via the charging port.

Moisture Detected Message
If the phone has been exposed to moisture it will need to be dried only by the methods below.
1 Use a soft, dry cloth and wipe down the outside of the phone.
2 You may also gently wipe down the receiver vent to prevent temporary audio problems.
3 Gently shake the phone to release the excess drops of moisture from the charging port.
If the phone has been used in salt/sea water then the phone will need to be rinsed with clean, fresh, still water and then the drying process continued.
1 Do not wash with high pressure of strong flowing water as this may damage the water resistant materials.
2 Do not place in rice grains to remove the moisture as the grains of rice may get stuck inside the charging port or speaker outlet causing a blockage.
3 Do not use high pressure or compressed air to blow out the port as this may damage the water resistant materials.

Once the phone has been dried properly it will need to be restarted and you can attempt to charge the phone again.

If the charging port is still wet, the same results will be observed and the device will not charge until it has been dried properly and the phone has been restarted.

Note: The device can still be charged at any time with the wireless charger as this does not use the charging port.


If you are still unable to charge the phone after trying the suggested drying methods, please contact Samsung Customer Care New Zealand on 0800 726 786 or Live Chat with our New Zealand Technical Team online, services are open 24 hours, 7 days.

You can also take the device into any Samsung Authorised Repair Centre. (Fees may apply)

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