Check out the operation features on your Samsung Air Purifier

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

The great thing about the Samsung Air Purifier is that you get to enjoy pure air in various ways to suit your needs. You will need to understand what each button does and the options available so you can enjoy filtered, clean air whenever you are home or where ever the air purifier may be.

Below you will find a diagram for both, detailing each section.

01. Current fan speed
02. PM10 / PM2.5 / PM1.0 pollution / Concentration /Timer indicator
03. Air quality indicator
04. Gas pollution indicator
05. Filter replacement indicator
06. Wi-Fi function indicator
07. Lock indicator
08. Power button
09. Fan speed button
10.Sleep mode / Wi-Fi On or Off button
11. Timed on/off button
12. Lighting / Filter reset button
13.Air quality / Lock button

• PM10: Dust in the air with a diameter of 10 ㎛ or less
• PM2.5: Dust in the air with a diameter of 2.5 ㎛or less
• PM1.0: Dust in the air with a diameter of 1.0 ㎛ or less

Display and Button Function
Turning the power on or off
  • Press the Power button. The air purifier turns on with a notification sound and automatically begins operation.
  • The sensor preparation begins upon start-up with a display indication and continues for 12 seconds.
  • Colored air quality indicator: PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0 levels, and gas pollution display: PM10, PM2.5 and PM1.0


Controlling the fan speed.

  • Press the Fan speed  button to change between the options. 
  • Each time you press the button, the fan speed changes in order of Low -> Auto -> High -> Medium -> Low.
  • In Auto mode, the fan speed is automatically adjusted to the particle and odour levels around it to keep the room clean.


Sleep mode

Sleep mode provides a clean, quiet and comfortable room for a good night's sleep.

  • Use Sleep mode to only allow the mode indicator and turn off all other display indicators.
  • Changing the fan speed when Sleep mode has been active for 10 seconds or more will cancel the mode and the sensor loading display will appear.
  • Lock feature becomes unavailable while Sleep mode is on.


  • Press the Sleep mode  button or Fan speed  button.


Timed on/off function.

The product automatically turns off after a specified duration.

  • You can select between 1 hour to 12 hours by pressing the Timed on/off  button when the product is powered on. Time can be adjusted by hour.
  • Timed off is scheduled 3 seconds after selecting the desired operating hours.


  • Press and hold the Timed on/off  button for at least 3 seconds or press the Timed on/off  button to set the timer to 0.


Display lighting.

The air quality is displayed in pleasantly dimmed colour lighting.

  • It reflects the PM10, PM2.5, PM1.0 or gas pollution level, whichever is the worst.
  • Colours do not apply when using the product in Sleep mode.


  • Press the Lighting  button.


Turning the Wi-Fi feature On/Off.

You can turn the Wi-Fi feature on or off.

  • Press and hold the Sleep mode  button for 3 seconds or more to turn the Wi-Fi on or off.
  • To use this feature, you must first register the product on the SmartThings app. Once connected, the Wi-Fi icon will automatically light up. The Wi-Fi icon lights up when the product is connected to the SmartThings app.


Clearing the filter replacement reminder.

This feature notifies you when it is time to replace the 2-in-1 filter (Deodorisation Filter and Dust Collecting Filter).

  • If you hear a beep and the filter replacement indicator  lights up while the product is in use, replace the filter and press the Lighting  button for 3 seconds or more to reset. The replacement reminder turns off after the Filter Change icon blinks twice with the notification sound.
  • If the filter has been replaced before activation for other reasons, reset the status by pressing the Lighting  button for longer than 3 seconds.
  • After resetting the filter, press the Lighting button to reset this feature as well.

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