Galaxy Note 8: Recording time on video is limited to 10 minutes. Why is this?

Last Update date : Nov 11. 2020
Video Camera

When recording videos or using the streaming feature for extended periods, or when using features/apps that require more power, the device and its battery may temporarily heat up due to increased battery consumption.

Also using a higher resolution for videos will result in higher quality videos, but they may cause to heat up the device and battery faster.

To prevent any damages from device overheating, the Galaxy Note8 will stop recording automatically at 10 minutes after recording and it’s an intended normal operation. 

To record over 10 minutes, you will need to change the video quality.

1 From the Camera app, tap Settings.
2 Tap Video size.
3 Tap any setting below FHD (60 fps).
Phone Stops Recording Videos after 10 Minutes

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