How to use Music Share on Galaxy S20

Last Update date : Feb 15. 2024

The Music Share feature allows you to easily share your Bluetooth speaker or headset that is already connected to your device with others. For example, you can play music stored on your friend’s smartphone via your Bluetooth car stereo while keeping it and your smartphone connected.


  • This feature is available only on devices that support the Music Share feature.
  • Using a mobile device while in a motor vehicle in motion or temporarily stopped at a red light is prohibited by law.

Tips about Music Share

  • Music Share is available only on Galaxy devices that support the Music Share feature.
  • Music Share is a new feature based on Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and it depends on a Wi-Fi chipset.
  • The Music Share feature can be used with any music application.
  • Devices based on Android Q OS will support this Music Share  feature and available target may differ by device model.

Step 1.Tap Music Share on the Quick Settings.

Step 2. Customize your Music Share settings.

Step 3.Enable your Bluetooth settings and search for the Bluetooth speaker.

Step 4. On your phone, tap Accept to connect your Bluetooth speaker to the other phone.

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