Improvement on the glass quality for Samsung Galaxy S9/S9+

Last Update date : Jul 25. 2022

The front and rear glass of Galaxy S9/S9+ is considered the beauty and hardness of the design. It was designed to prevent additional damage and other possibilities. 

Galaxy S9/S9+’s front glass is more enhanced than S8/S8+ with the side metal-reinforced too. 

Gorilla Glass 5 has been applied for the front and rear glass. With enhanced edge polishing for more durability, Gorilla Glass 5 supports higher resistance to scratch and damage than Gorilla Glass 4. And Galaxy S9/S9+ applied 7000 series metal materials with more shock resistance than the 6000 series materials.

Note: Compared to 6013, the AL 7003 material experiences less deformation from falling impact (shock reduction which the metal imposes on the glass).

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