Notice for countefeit Samsung accessories

Last Update date : Sep 22. 2020

If the product that you own is identified as counterfeit, you will not be able to use the services provided by Samsung Electronics and it will be difficult to receive compensation for damages caused by using a counterfeit product.


As a result, please purchase with caution. It's highly likely that products purchased from unofficial online or offline retailers are counterfeit products.


Therefore, we recommend that you make a purchase through your local Samsung Electronics Service Centre or the Samsung Electronics website.Please note the following examples of counterfeit products:


The country of manufacture is not presented correctly (e.g. MADE INVIE TNANIC).


 There are no spaces between words (e.g. TRAVELADAPTER, 1.67Aor).

Samsung Charger traveler

Wireless Chargers

An incorrect Samsung logo is used (e.g. SAMSUMG). 

Wireless Charger

The printed word SAMSUNG is tilted to the left.

A genuine cooling fan functions correctly during fast charging whereas a counterfeit cooling fan doesn't.

Charging Dock


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