Pairing concern of a newly-bought earbud with another earbud of Gear IconX

Last Update Date : Jan 12. 2018

Q: I bought only a new earbud due to loss. When trying to connect both earbuds including a newly-purchased earbud to a mobile device, only one earbud emits sound and both earbuds do not work properly. What should I do to resolve this?


A: To connect both earbuds with a newly- earbud to mobile, you need to couple the two earbuds newly.


1. Push the “cover open button”  to open the charging case.


2. Check the direction of each earbud and insert them into the left and right slots of the charging case.




3. Close the charging case.



4. Connect with a PC

5. Run “Gear IconX Manager”

6. Manager App notices coupling is needed automatically and a pop up appears

7. Press ‘Yes’ button to make a couple.




8. If coupling is completed, using Samsung Gear connect the earbuds to a mobile device.

   Once coupled, they will be automatically connected in the future when you put both earbuds in your ears

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