Precautions when using a Dual USB Type-C adapter

Last Update date : Apr 06. 2021

As the number of smartphones with USB Type-C earphones increases, some users are using dual adapters that help them to use USB Type-C earphones and a quick charger at the same time.

USB type C

Important tips to keep in mind

Some dual adapters may overheat or prevent sound from the earphones when the charger and the earphones are used at the same time. Dual adapters that don’t meet the USB standard are especially likely to cause defects, so it is recommended that you do not use those adapters. 

  • Adapters overheating or damage to the earphones may occur when a charger and earphones are connected at the same time using a dual adapter.
  • Earphones may not work when charging with a dual adapter

Be sure to check the safety and performance of the products before purchasing or using other manufacturer's accessories as they may not be compatible with the device and some features may not work properly.

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