What’s the point of differentiation of S8/S8+’s design?

Last Update date : Sep 21. 2020
S8 phone

 Infinity Display  

Infinity Display is a marketing name representing S8/S8+’s expanded full-screen display, which breaks away from conventional smartphone's form factor and establishes a new possibility and criteria.    


    → Expanded screen ratio(18.5:9) provides new usability which is hard to be expected from the conventional 16:9 screen ratio, and the round-corners of display is harmoniously balanced with edge glass design.

Hidden Technology   

It focuses on smartphone itself equipped with hidden technology in the refined design.    


  → Minimizing the exterior features in order to focus on content viewing experience    

• Simple black Full-screen design     

• Deleted Home Key      

• Disappearance of Camera protrusion       

• Simple receiver deco with narrower width       

• HRM/Flash's ring deco removed and HRM/Flash seamless covered by back glass

Seamless Gloss

Balanced and Unified design         


→ Balance with new glossy finish of metal and fluid style of glass enhanced the depth and           unified shape.

The revolutionary design of the Galaxy S8 and S8+ begins from the inside out. We rethought every part of the phone's layout to break through the confines of the smartphone screen.


Device layout of Samsung Galaxy S8/S8+ as follows:


• Do not cover the proximity/light sensor area with screen accessories, such as a screen protector or stickers. Doing so may cause the sensor to malfunction

• The colors on the curved screen may look different depending on your viewing position 

Front View

Front View

Back View

Back View

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