How to calibrate your projector screen for best viewing experience

Last Update date : May 21. 2021

This projector is made to sit right in front of the wall, making it easy to install and plugin. And when you turn it on, you’ll realize how easy it is to adjust the screen size. Follow the below guide to learn how to adjust your projector's picture quality to ensure you have the best viewing experience.

For more information on how to set up The Premiere, refer here: How to set up your new Samsung Premiere projector.

Guide to screen adjustment

Adjust the projector's mode options and installation settings for your viewing environment. 

To access Projector Settings, from the Home screen, select Settings > General > Projector Settings.

  • Screen Adjustment: When the screen looks skewed or distorted, adjust the screen. 
  • Test Pattern: This guide pattern provides accurate projection alignment when installing the projector.
  • Eye Protection Mode: When you approach the projector, the beam's brightness is automatically lowered to protect your eyes from the strong beam.
  • Focus: This feature adjusts the projected screen focus.
  • Projection Mode: This feature changes the direction of the image projection according to the projector's installation direction. – Front / Front Ceiling / Rear / Rear Ceiling.
  • High-Altitude Mode: This feature prevents the projector from overheating when operating at high altitudes.
  •  Fit to Screen: This guide shows you how to adjust the size and shape of the projection screen when installing a projector.
Adjust Picture Quality

Change the Picture Mode and adjust Expert Settings. 

To access Picture Quality Settings, from the Home screen, select Settings > General > Picture Mode.

  • Dynamic: Makes the picture brighter and clearer in bright viewing environments.
  • Standard: The default mode suitable for general viewing environments.
  • Movie: Suitable for watching movies in a dark room.
  • FILMMAKER MODE: Disables TV features like motion smoothing and color enhancements protecting the content so you'll experience movies and shows the way the filmmaker intended.


  • FILMMAKER MODE may look darker than other picture modes.
  • You can change the FILMMAKER MODE to a different Picture Mode. However, the changed Picture Mode will be maintained even after watching the picture defined by FILMMAKER MODE. 
  • FILMMAKER MODE™ logo is a trademark of UHD Alliance, Inc.
Adjust Expert Settings

Configure the screen settings to your taste by using the following functions: 

To access Picture Quality Settings, from the Home screen, select Settings > General > Expert Settings.

  • Contrast
  • Sharpness
  • Color 
  • Tint (G/R)
  • Apply Picture Settings
  • Picture Clarity Settings. This function may not be supported depending on the model.
  • Contrast Enhancer
  • Film Mode. This function is only available when the input signal is TV, AV, Component (480i, 576i, 1080i), or HDMI (1080i).
  • Color Tone
  • White Balance
  • Gamma
  • Shadow Detail
  • RGB Only Mode. This function may not be supported depending on the model.
  • Color Space Settings
  • Reset Picture
Adjust Picture Support Functions

Configure the picture settings on your projector. 

To access Picture Quality Settings, from the Home screen, select Settings > General > Picture Size Settings.

  • Picture Size: You can change the size of the picture displayed on the projector screen to 16:9 Standard, Custom, or 4:3. Supported picture sizes differ with the input signal.
  • Auto Wide: Changing the picture size automatically.
  • 4:3 Screen Size: You can select a picture size suitable for your geographical area while you are watching the projector in the 4:3 or Fit to screen mode. The supported screen sizes differ with the country and this function allows you to adjust the picture size in this case.
  • Fit to screen: Fitting the picture to the screen. This function may not be supported depending on the Picture size setting.
  • Zoom and Position: Adjusting the picture size and/or position. This function is available only if Picture Size is set to Custom. To change the picture position on analogue channels, first enlarge the picture and then change the position.
Set the viewing experience for external devices

You can optimize the projector for viewing specific video formats. 

Playing games on an optimized screen

To access Game Mode, From the Home screen, select Settings > General External Device Manager > Game Mode.

You can enable game mode to optimise the Projector's settings for playing video games with a gaming console, such as a PlayStation™, Xbox™ or Nintendo Switch™.


  • This function may not be supported depending on the model.
  • The game mode is not available for normal projector viewing.
  • The screen may shake somewhat. 
  • When Game Mode is enabled, Picture Mode and Sound Mode have switched to Game automatically. Sound Mode may not be automatically switched depending on the selected audio device on the Sound Output menu. 
  • When Game Mode is set to On, some functions are not available. 
  • To use a different external device on the same port, remove the game console connection, set Game Mode to Off, and then connect the external device to the port. 
  • The Game Mode functions used for Nintendo Switch™ are subject to change without prior notice.

Using Input Signal Plus

Expands the input signal range for HDMI connections. 

From the Home screen, select Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Signal Plus.


  • When you select the HDMI connector you want to use for Input Signal Plus, and then press the Select button to set the Input Signal Plus function to On, the projector screen may flicker.
  • When you connect the projector to an external device that supports only the UHD 24 Hz or UHD 30 Hz frequency or any FHD frequency, the Input Signal Plus function may not be available. In this case, turn off the Input Signal Plus function. 

Using HDMI black level 

From the Home screen, select Settings > General > External Device Manager > HDMI Black Level. Use HDMI Black Level to adjust the black level to compensate for low black levels, low contrast, or dull colours generated by external devices connected to the projector via an HDMI cable.

This function is only available when the input signal connected to the Projector via an HDMI connector is set to RGB444.

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