How to use Schedule Viewing on Samsung TV

Last Update date : Jul 22. 2022

You are able to set up scheduled viewing to remind you of an upcoming program, you can set up a schedule viewing for programs so you can keep track of all your favorite shows and watch them on your schedule. Follow the steps below and rest easy knowing that you’ll never miss another episode.

Using the Guide

See an overview of each channel's program lineup. In the Guide, you can see the daily program schedules, see program information, choose a program to watch, and set up a schedule viewing.

From the Home screen, select Live TV then select Guide. To view the Guide while watching Projector, press the   (Channel) on the Samsung Smart Remote or press the GUIDE button on the standard remote control.

Select the programs you want in the Guide, and then press and hold the Select button. You can use the following functions:

  • Schedule Viewing: You can schedule the viewing of a broadcast scheduled program.
  • Cancel Scheduled Viewing: You can cancel scheduled viewings.
  • View Details: You can see detailed information about the selected program. The information may differ or may not be provided depending on the broadcast signal.

To move to the Channel Filter or Aerial Type, Schedule Manager screen: Press the button. 

  • Channel Filter: You can view channels and programs categorized by the types defined in Channel List.
  • Aerial Type: You can change the type of broadcast signals the projector receives. This function may not be supported depending on the incoming broadcast signal. 
  • Schedule Manager: You can see the Schedule Manager screen. These functions may not be supported in the Guide depending on the location.


  • To see information about analog channels and use the analog channel functions of the Guide, you must finish the service provider settings in the initial setup. 
  • Service provider settings in the initial setup may not be supported in geographical areas. 
  • To view the Guide, you must first set the Projector's clock (From Home screen > Settings > General > System Manager > Time Clock).
  • The image on your projector may differ from the image above depending on the model and location.

Configure the projector to show a specific channel or program at a specific time and date. The   (clock icon) appears next to programs that have been scheduled for a scheduled viewing.

To set up a scheduled viewing, you must first set the projector's clock. Go to Settings > General > System Manager >Time Clock.

  • Using the schedule viewing options from the guide screen

On the Guide screen, select a program you would like to view, press and hold the Select button on the remote, and then select Schedule Viewing in the pop-up menu that appears.

  • Using the schedule viewing options while watching a program

Press the Select button while watching the projector. The Program Info window appears. Select a program that will be broadcast using the left or right directional buttons. Press the Select button, and then select Schedule Viewing to schedule viewing of that program.

  • Using schedule viewing to view programs at a specified time and date.

Press the Home button, select Live TV > Schedule Manager > Add Viewing. To set a viewing schedule, set the values for Aerial, Channel, Repeat, Date, and Start Time of the broadcast program to view, and then select Save.

  • Setting the Schedule Viewing Time

Press the Home button, then select Live TV > Schedule Manager. You can change scheduled viewing information or cancel scheduled viewings. You can set up a maximum total of 30 Schedule Viewing entries.

- Edit: You can set the start time of a scheduled viewing. If you choose a program from the Guide, the Start Time can be set to up to 10 minutes before the program. 

- Delete: You can delete scheduled viewings.

- View Details: You can view detailed information about scheduled viewings.

You have two ways to cancel a scheduled viewing. 

 Canceling a scheduled viewing from the Guide

Step 1. From the Home screen, go to Live TV then select Guide.  Move to the program you want to cancel scheduled viewing, and then press the Select button. 

Step 2. Move Cancel Scheduled Viewing, and then press the Select button. 

Step 3. When a pop-up message asking you to cancel the selected scheduled viewing appears, select Yes. The selected scheduled viewing is canceled and the screen returns to the Guide screen.

Canceling a scheduled viewing from Smart Hub

Step 1. Press the button to open Smart Hub, and then press the left or right directional button to move to Live TV. Press the up directional button to move to the top row, and then press the left or right directional button to move and select Schedule Manager.

Step 2. Use the down directional button to move to the list of the program scheduled to view.

Step 3. Use the right directional button to move to the Delete option, and then press the Select button to delete the selected item.

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