How to connect keyboard, mouse or gamepad to Samsung projector

Last Update date : May 12. 2021

Pairing a mouse, a keyboard, or a gamepad will allow you to quickly and easily navigate menus and enter your passwords, searching for movies and shows. Some games and apps may also be compatible with a mouse and keyboard.

To add a USB mouse, keyboard, or gamepad, plug it into the USB port of the projector.

Select the device through the settings: From the Home screen Settings > General >  External Device Manager > Input Device Manager.


  • If you connect a mouse, it is available only in the Internet app and Remote Access function.
  •  XInput USB gamepads are supported. 
  • For more information, refer to Input Device in Connection Guide ( Source > Connection Guide > Input Device).
  1. Put the keyboard or mouse into Bluetooth pairing mode and make sure it is discoverable.

  2. Navigate to the Bluetooth device list on your projector and select the keyboard or mouse to pair with. Go to Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Device Manager > Bluetooth Device List.


  • If your device was not detected, position the keyboard close to the Projector, and then select Refresh. The projector scans for available devices again.
  • If you connect a mouse, it is available only in the Internet app. For more information about how to connect a Bluetooth device, refer to the Bluetooth device's user manual

The key operation may differ depending on some apps or the keyboard. 




Directional keys

Moves the focus

Windows key

Displays the Projector settings

Enter key

Selects or runs a focused item

ESC key

Returns to the previous screen

F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 key

Color buttons (red/green/yellow/blue)

F5 key

Displays the Home Screen

F6 key

Displays the Source screen

F7 key

Displays the Channel List

F8 key

Mutes the sound

F9 / F10 key

Adjusts the volume

F11 / F12 key

Changes the channel

Page Up / Page Down

Scrolls a web page displayed by the Internet app


Available only in the Internet app. You can click a menu or link to start a function as you do on a PC


Available only in the Internet app. You can use the following functions: The options displayed in the menu may differ depending on the selected item.

  • Open
  • Open Link in New Tab
  • Enable Scroll Mode

Setting up the input devices

From the Home screen, select Settings > General > External Device Manager > Input Device Manager.

  • Keyboard Settings: You can set up the keyboard with the Keyboard Language and Keyboard type functions.
  • Mouse Settings: You can set up the mouse with the Primary Button and Pointer Speed functions.

Use the virtual keyboard to enter text on your projector.

Note: The image on your projector may differ from the image above depending on the model and geographical area. 

  • Recommend text:  When you type a word you want to use as a search term, this function displays related suggestions from which you can choose one. 
  • 2
  • Options Select the Settings icon on the virtual keyboard screen. The following options are available:
    • - Recommend text
    • - Reset Recommended Text Memory
    • - Accented Character Preview
    • - Predict Next Character (when using direction buttons)
    • - Language 
    3 Predict Next Character: Each time you type a character on the virtual keyboard, the next characters predicted to be typed are displayed. You can use the directional buttons on the remote control to select one.

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