Designing for Every Experience

Learn the rules that guide our innovations—from accessibility to foldable phones.

We put a lot of thought into the products we make. Every device, every tech innovation—it’s all guided by our five design principles. This ensures that our products are easy to use, good for the planet and part of creating a better future. Here’s how we do it.

Design is innovative

Every Samsung device—from our smartphones to the Galaxy Buds Pro to the S Pen—was made to work together seamlessly for a life that’s increasingly on the go. That’s why our revolutionary foldable smartphones provide an immersive screen and a compact, convenient size, giving users the next-generation features they want—like the Hideaway Hinge in the Galaxy Z Flip 5G. More than just a functional component, it’s a revolutionary blend of precision, comfort and style that exemplifies innovation at its finest.

Design is simple

Samsung’s One UI does what good design does best: It makes the complex easy. With new enhanced features and endless customisation, One UI provides a singular experience that allows Samsung Galaxy devices to work together seamlessly. Refined form and greater customisation allow for adaptability across multiple Samsung devices.

Design is empowering

Image simulated for illustrative purposes

A camera lens that snaps breathtaking images. Video capability that records clear and smooth, even in motion. The best design can unlock people’s creative spirit and give them the freedom to make something incredible.

Design is accessible

Samsung listens closely and works with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities. Collaboration opens the door to inclusivity, so everyone has the chance to make their life easier with a Samsung device.


Design is sustainable

4.03 million tons
That’s how much e-waste has been collected under Samsung’s recycling program.²

Great design goes beyond the expected. Our designers and engineers build for energy efficiency and environmental preservation, but they also go further, using reverse logistics to bring packaging and manufacturing materials back to Samsung. That means less waste and a smaller carbon footprint.

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  • ²Source: Samsung Electronics Sustainability Report 2020

A better future. By design.

The connection between consumers, devices and technology is going to evolve rapidly, dynamically and beautifully. We’ll soon be able to create and interact with our friends and families in ways we never imagined.

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