The Serif Design Story

The Serif by the Bouroullecs establishes a new aesthetic in TV.

French furniture designers, the Bouroullec brothers Ronan and Erwan watch 2019 The Serif in a modern style living room.

Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec add poetic quality to mundane objects. They have been drawing extensive attention from the design industry’s biggest names such as Vitra, Hay, Kartell and more. Erwan Bouroullec discusses the aesthetic value of their design and how it is reflected in The Serif.

"The Serif has the ability to travel through time"

In an exclusive interview with Samsung, the Bouroullecs elaborate on their design philosophy and aesthetic value in designing The Serif, a new Samsung TV that enhances space. They are shown discussing their design ideas at Showroom Vitra France.

Borderless, above and beyond

It would be a gross underestimation to refer to the Bouroullecs as mere furniture designers, as their work spectrum moves above and beyond boundaries. The Bouroullecs always endeavor to focus on functionality, or intrinsic value within the object. As a result, The Serif, despite being a television, retains “beautiful language and subtle presence,” assuming its place in the world of modern design.

I-shaped side of The Serif, a Samsung TV designed by the Bouroullec Brothers is modern furniture design

The Serif, Samsung TV with legs, is placed in Vitra Showroom with Ambient Mode, illustrating tv interior design and tv stand ideas.

Effortless, blending into ambience

Like the Bouroullecs’ other pieces, The Serif effortlessly blends into its ambience. They gracefully substituted the black, blank screen of TV with the Magic Screen, which resembles poetic actions like gazing out at endless fields or sentimentalizing over raindrops. The Magic Screen is a “way to slightly mute the TV when it needs to disappear,” at last fulfilling one’s moment of retreat.

Three inspiring interior design ideas featuring The Serif, shot at the Showroom Vitra France. The first example shows The Serif installed with the black metal floor stand in Ambient Mode, positioned in front of a black chair. The second example shows The Serif in Ambient Mode without the floor stand, positioned easily on the top row of a three tier shelf in a living room. The third example shows a man placing a decorative baseball on top of the wide, flat surface of The Serif.

Seamless, connecting spaces

Due to the voluminous symmetry of its I shape, The Serif doubles as a shelf, allowing people to further interact and experience. Hence, unlike other televisions that are spatially alienated, The Serif not only connects spaces but also forms an organic relationship with people. If the design interior were a collage, The Serif would be an integral piece that can be seamlessly collaged into any space and time frame.

“The Serif ’I’-shaped has a very beautiful language that makes it sit naturally anywhere”
Designers of The Serif, Bouroullec brothers in a Showroom Vitra France. Vitra logo on the bottom right of the image

Timeless, of poetic touch

As time goes by, the future fades into the past. However, the pieces designed by Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are not worn by time, as their work defines the essence of ‘now.’ Designed to “travel through times,” The Serif is a tangible object imbued with a poetic touch that people will remember even after time passes.

Unique inspiration for your space

The Serif of the Bouroullecs completes your spatial poetry.

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