The Real Millie Bobby
Brown Is a Force to Be
Reckoned With

A snapshot into Millie's journey of navigating social media as a social justice warrior.

Millie Bobby Brown standing against a brick wall in a black pinstriped blazer and red pants, and forming two peace signs with her hands as she pouts her lips for the camera.

Scrolling through her ‘gram at first glance, you’ll find yourself submerged in the many different faces of Millie Bobby Brown. And while known for her fierce, psychokinetic prowess on Netflix’s hit series, “Stranger Things”, Brown’s photos reveal she is also a positive force to be reckoned with off-screen. See how she uses her voice—to fearlessly express herself on social media, in true #TeamGalaxy spirit.

Millie Bobby Brown standing confidently in a white dress and sneakers in front of big blocked letters spelling out "GIRL" in white against a pink wall

Hashtag activism

Despite her youth, Brown isn’t afraid of using her voice to speak out when it’s important – namely through posts of campaigns that support causes dear to her heart. As the youngest-ever Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF, Brown owns her responsibilities as a role model. “I know I have a voice and I want to use it wisely,” says Brown. “If I ever get overwhelmed, I remember how many young people don’t have the same opportunity as I do to share their voice. It really puts things into perspective.”

“I know I have a voice and I want to use it wisely."

Two photos side-by-side of Millie Bobby Brown's selfies; one shot showing her holding a book as she's sporting sunglasses in a plaid shirt; the other shot showing her with eyes closed and smiling
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Life with #nofilter

Whether she’s recording heartfelt messages for her fans or silly karaoke showdowns with friends on her phone, Brown’s videos show a relatable, unfiltered life behind-the-scenes. “Social media can be such a great platform for self-expression, and I think certain filters can sometimes enhance that. That being said, I love to show my unfiltered, authentic self because I believe self-love is so important.”

Millie Bobby Brown showing off her freshly manicured nails as she sports a pink sequined dress against a cityscape photography backdrop

Insta-ready looks

According to Brown, makeup is “one hundred percent about self-expression” – which shines through her Instagram Live makeup tutorials of achievable DIY looks. Though her daily makeup routine is minimal, she has fun experimenting with different looks. “I think as young people, we go through a phase of using makeup to cover up or fit in, but when you learn to love yourself you start using makeup to experiment with your identity and express different sides of your personality in a really fun way,” explains Brown. “One day you might feel like wearing a strong, powerful look or going really fresh-faced and neutral, while another day you might feel like getting all glammed up or doing big ‘80s statement makeup.”

Black & white street photography shot of Millie Bobby Brown smiling in a denim top and jeans while spreading positivity

Her positivity fuel

Being in the public eye comes with its own challenges – like haters who call her out whenever she posts controversial opinions, clothing choices, and even friendships. Brown’s stance? Use negativity as positivity fuel: “I have dealt with a lot of bullying and scrutiny online. If anything, it inspires me to use my platform to spread even more love and positivity. My followers know that I’m human just like them. I get pimples, I make mistakes, I can be silly or tired, and I can get upset. Being all of those things is okay. If you love yourself for who you are, you have love for others and that’s what matters most.”

“If you love yourself for who you are, you have love for others and that’s what matters most.”

Millie Bobby Brown smiles as she looks at a ghost white Galaxy A80 in her hand

Millie’s starter pack

Through real-life shenanigans and red carpet promos, Galaxy multi-lens cameras allow Millie to capture shots that speak to her fans.

A studio PR photo portrait of Millie Bobby Brown smiling with her head leaned to the side, hand laid over the other, against a pink backdrop


Millie Bobby Brown

Actress and activist from England.

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