Introducing next-level power

With Galaxy Note10 / Note10+, we've designed a mobile experience that’s like a computer, a gaming console, a film studio, and an intelligent pen, all in one device.

  • Galaxy Note10 and Note10 plus seen from the front at a three-quarter angle from the power button side. The blue S Pen stands up straight next to the Galaxy Note10 plus, and next to it is text that says Galaxy Note10 | Note10 plus.
    Official Introduction
  • Galaxy Note10 laying on top of Galaxy Note10 plus, both laying on their back at an angle with a blue S Pen laying on top of Galaxy Note10. Each phone has a gradient graphic onscreen.
    Official TVC: Next-Level Power
  • Graphic text that says Galaxy UNPACKED. The KED in making looks handwritten, as if the blue S Pen next to it wrote it down.
    UNPACKED Highlights


More screen, less interruption

Animation of Galaxy Note10+ seen very close up from the volume and power button side. It pulls back to show the whole phone and the uninterrupted Infinity-O Display

Comes in two sizes: powerful and more powerful

For the first time ever, you can choose the Note size that fits you best.

Galaxy Note10 and Galaxy Note10+ seen at a three-quarter angle with an abstract graphic onscreen. Next to Galaxy Note10 and Note10+ it says 6.3 inch display and next to Galaxy Note10+ it says 6.8 inch display

Impossibly thin design

High-polish metal and glass meld seamlessly — all in an impressively slim design.

  • WIDTH 7.9mm
Upper half of Galaxy Note10 plus seen from the side with no buttons to show its thin design. It turns to reveal the Infinity-O Display seen at a three-quarter angle.

Cinematic Infinity-O Display

With a smaller, front-facing camera lens, the Dynamic AMOLED display is almost uninterrupted and brilliant in all conditions.

Close-up of Galaxy Note10 plus’s cinematic Infinity-O Display with a flower onscreen


More power. More speed. More storage.

Faster than ever

Our powerful 7nm processor and 12GB RAM combine to harness incredible speeds. With 2.0Gbps LTE, easily download huge files, game on the go, or stream videos.

  • LTE 2.0Gbps
  • RAM2 12GB ON Galaxy Note10+
  • RAM2 8GB ON Galaxy Note10
Woman sitting in a car holding Galaxy Note10+ in landscape mode. Download manager notifications appear showing three large files being downloaded at the same time thanks to the fast data capabilities

Laptop storage without the laptop

Galaxy Note10+ takes mobile memory to the next level with up to 512GB built-in storage,3 which you can expand by up to an additional 1TB.3

Galaxy Note10+ seen in landscape mode with a shadow and a hand touching the top as if it’s a laptop

Power to make your phone last all day

Our cutting-edge battery intelligence ensures Galaxy Note10+'s 4300mAh (typical) battery outlasts your day.4, 5

  • All day POWER6
Galaxy Note10+ in the middle of a clock face with its shadow stretched out as if it’s a sundial. It spins as the background turns black to represent the battery lasting from day to night


Make your video as epic as still photography

Top half of Galaxy Note10+ seen from the front showing the center placement of the front camera, next to top half of Galaxy Note10 plus seen from the rear showing the four cameras

*Photo captured with Galaxy Note10+.

Bokeh video

Adjust the blur of your videos, and add bokeh and special effects to make your videos look just as amazing as your photos.7

A woman wearing headphones and DJ-ing at night. The background is blurred out with a bokeh effect and the Live focus video GUI overlaid on top

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

Super Steady

Advanced Super Steady technology takes away the shakiness in your footage for a super smooth video.

A man and two women running in a park with the Super steady GUI overlaid on top. As they run the video is shaky until the Super steady icon lights up to show it is on and the video becomes smoother

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

Video Editor

Edit your videos like a pro thanks to the precision of the S Pen.

A man in a park at dusk with the video editor GUI overlaid on top. The video starts with the camera pointing down at another person’s feet and then lifts up and spins around the man at a fast speed. The video editor GUI is shown changing as the end of the video is cropped out

*Video captured with Galaxy Note10+.

The multi-camera system takes photography to a whole new level

Galaxy Note10 / Note10+ have all the camera essentials, from the Dual Aperture lens to the Ultra Wide Camera, Live Focus, and even Scene Optimiser.

*5 cameras available only on Galaxy Note10+ (1 front and 4 rear). Galaxy Note10 has 4 cameras (1 front and 3 rear).

*Photos captured with Galaxy Note10+.


Think it. Write it. Capture it.

Close up of S Pen ejected from Galaxy Note10+. On scroll, the S Pen and Galaxy Note10+ move further from each other to reveal text

Turn handwriting into text instantly

Jot down your notes anywhere and tap your screen to turn them into readable text you can share.8

*The actual text export function may require some processing to turn writing into text.

Four Galaxy Note10+ phones seen laying face up with a variety of Samsung Notes uses onscreen, and two blue S Pens. One screen shows a sketch of a face, another shows Text Export, the next shows a note with the zoom GUI overlaid on top, and the last phone shows writing with the background color settings menu

Control your phone through clicks and gestures

S Pen Air Actions let you zoom in or out your camera, change the volume, or flip through photos and more with a simple wave or click.9

Close up of a hand holding blue S Pen. A woman standing in front of a presentation screen holding the S Pen

The screen you can write on when you need it

Take notes and draw on the screen whenever inspiration strikes without opening an app.

Galaxy Note10+ seen in landscape mode with a Screen off memo onscreen


Take Galaxy Note10 / Note10+ even further

Flat lay of several accessories including LED View Cover, Galaxy Watch Active2, Galaxy Buds, and Protective Standing Cover


Together we can create societal change

Samsung is partnering with the UNDP to give you easy ways to learn about and contribute to achieving the Global Goals.10

Galaxy Note10+ with the Global Goals app onscreen
Galaxy Note10
Galaxy Note10+


Galaxy Note10
  • Aura Glow
  • Aura Black
  • Aura Pink
Galaxy Note10+
  • Aura Glow
  • Aura Black
  • Aura White

Screen size

Galaxy Note10 6.3”
Galaxy Note10+ 6.8”

Front Camera

Galaxy Note10 Selfie Camera
Galaxy Note10+
  • Selfie Camera

Rear Camera

Galaxy Note10
  • Telephoto Camera
  • Wide-angle Camera
  • Ultra Wide Camera
Galaxy Note10+
  • Telephoto Camera
  • Wide-angle Camera
  • Ultra Wide Camera
  • DepthVision Camera

Battery Capacity*

Galaxy Note10 3500mAh (typical)
Galaxy Note10+ 4300mAh (typical)


Galaxy Note10
  • 8GB
Galaxy Note10+ 12GB


Galaxy Note10
  • 256GB
Galaxy Note10+
  • 256GB
  • 512GB
  • Model and colour availability may depend on country or carrier.
  • 3500mAh and 4300mAh (typical) refers to the typical value of the battery capacity as tested under third-party lab conditions. Typical value is the estimated average value considering the deviation in battery capacity among the battery samples tested under IEC 61960 standard. Rated (minimum) capacity is 3400mAh for Galaxy Note10 and 4170mAh for Galaxy Note10+. Actual battery life may vary depending on network environment, usage patterns, and other factors.

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