How to utilise Bixby on Samsung Galaxy Watch Active?

Last Update date : Oct 12. 2020

Bixby is a voice service that helps you to use the Galaxy Watch Active more conveniently. You can talk to Bixby to launch a function or provide you with information.

• This App may not be available depending on the region

• Make sure the Galaxy Watch’s microphone is not obstructed when you are speaking into it.

• To use Bixby, connect a Wi-Fi network or mobile network to your Mobile Device or connect a Wi-Fi network to your Galaxy Watch Active

Launching Bixby

• Launch the Home key: When you quickly press the Home key twice, Bixby will launch

• Launch by voice: You can launch Bixby using your voice. You can only use this feature when your Galaxy Watch Active’s screen is turned on. Tap Bixby icon on the Apps screen >  Tab the 3 vertical dots, swipe  upwards or downwards on the screen, and then tap Voice wake-up > Tap the switch to activate it

Using Bixby

1 Quick press the Home key twice. Alternatively, say “Hi Bixby” or tap Bixby icon on the Apps screen. The Galaxy Watch begins voice recognition
2 Say a voice command. If the Galaxy Watch Active recognizes the command, it will perform the corresponding action. To repeat a voice command or say a different command, tap the Bixby icon

Please note:
• Speak clearly

• Speak in quiet places

• Do not use offensive or slang words

• Avoid speaking in dialectal accents

The Galaxy Watch Active may not recognise your commands or may perform unwanted commands depending on your surroundings or how you speak.

Setting the Language

On the Apps screen, tap Bixby icon > Tab the three vertical dots and swipe upwards or downwards on the screen > tap Language > Select the language you want.

The selected language is applied to Bixby only, not to the language displayed on the Galaxy Watch Active.

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