Why is LED Signage calibration essential?

Ensuring a completely uniform picture that keeps customers engaged

As technology has made LED signage more affordable and practical, vivid and bezel-free LED signage has become the new norm for many commercial applications with brighter, larger and more customizable screens. Beyond initial installation and setup, the long lifespan of LED displays sometimes necessitates module replacements requiring calibration to ensure a completely uniform yet engaging picture.

What is Samsung Colour Expert LED?

Industry-Leading Calibration Technology for LED Signage

Samsung’s Colour Expert LED technology is a solution to ensure LED displays always maintain original picture quality . Factory-tuning pixels ensures uniform colour and brightness. Each display is also embedded with ACM for LED to enable precise calibration with 18-bit colour processing. Colour Expert LED is a critical final step to finely tune colour and other features upon installation and for maintenance.

Samsung Colour Expert LED Technology

The Colour Expert LED Cinema solution for Onyx cinema LED displays involves a detailed three-step factory calibration so all Onyx displays meet the DCI certification requirements and deliver accurate and uniform display directly from the factory. Colour Expert LED Cinema offers on-site calibration including white balance and edge correction.

Colour Expert LED Cinema factory calibration process

Samsung Colour Expert LED Software

Colour Expert LED is a software app that lets users fine-tune Samsung LED displays to provide optimal viewing experiences. In addition, our app can also uniformly align the brightness and colour of a whole screen. To better serve businesses in today’s fast-paced environment, Samsung’s Colour Expert LED Mobile app allows users to easily adjust their LED signage on-the-go with three key benefits.

Calibration process

Step1. Connect LED signage to the computer

Step2. Install Colour Expert LED and LSM on the computer

For system authorization, please contact your Samsung account manager

Step3. Connect colourimeter or DSLR camera to computer using USB cable

Step4. Confirm LED signage is using latest firmware, update if necessary

Step5. Select and measure data of target module to be calibrated

Step6. Select existing calibrated module as reference or enter target setting data

Step7. Run calibration

If using DSLR camera, upload calibration results to LED signage through LSM

Calibration process

Step1. Connect mobile phone to LED signage

Step2. Install Colour Expert LED Mobile on mobile phone

For system authorization, please contact your Samsung account manager

Step3. Confirm LED signage is using latest firmware, update if necessary

Step4. Select target module to be calibrated and existing calibrated module as reference

Step5. Run calibration

Compare calibration softwares

Compare calibration softwares

Colour Expert LED

 Colour Expert LED

 (Mobile Ver.)

LED Signage Manager

Technology type

· PC software

· Calibration with professional devices

· Mobile application

· Calibration with mobile camera

PC software


More precise calibration and customized settings

Quick and convenient calibration without needing professional devices

Manage display layout and settings for initial intallation

Calibration feature

· White balance

· Gamut mapping

· Colour temperature

· Pixel-level uniformity

· White balance

· Module & screen-level uniformity

· White balance

· Edge correction

How to calibrate

Program matches target area’s colour and brightness to target data or reference area

Program uses photo of reference area from mobile device to auto-adjust target area

Manually enter desired values into software program

When to use

· Customized colour presentation needed

· Pixel-level calibration required

· Quick fixes

· After maintenance or module · replacement

· Initial installation

· Seam correction as needed

Calibrator Compatibility

Calibrator Compatibility

Konica Minolta



· CA210

· CA310



  • Colour Expert LED Solution Datasheet