Samsung Knox

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Built for business.
Trusted by governments.

Knox security platform is built into Samsung mobile devices from the chip up, with a clever suite of solutions to leverage that platform. Easily configured. Effortlessly managed. Defence-grade security trusted by governments worldwide.*

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*Samsung Knox has successfully met the rigorous security requirements set by governments and major enterprises around the world, providing business users with a robust mobile security solution.

Knox protection

Knox is built into each device from the chip up so you can isolate, encrypt and secure your most meaningful data. Confidential files. Credit card transactions. Passwords. Even your health data. So you can focus on what matters to you and your business.

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Knox Solutions for Enterprise Mobility

Knox Suite allows enterprise IT admin to focus on addressing business needs throughout the entire device lifecycle. Secure, deploy and manage mobile devices for your organisation, for maximum control and productivity.

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Devices tailored
to your needs

Customise, rebrand and deploy fit-for-purpose mobile devices, all with Knox. From interactive kiosks to digital branding tools, Knox easily transforms Samsung devices to suit your needs.

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Why trust Knox?

Over‏‏‎ ‎‏‏‎15,000 businesses around the globe rely on Knox to secure and manage their Samsung devices. And thanks to Knox’s unparalleled security standards, it’s the platform of choice for Governments and the military the world over. It’s no wonder Gartner awarded Knox 27 ‘strong’ ratings in the 30 evaluated. *

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*Knox platform 3.2 received 27 of 30 “Strong” ratings in Gartner report. Gartner, Inc. Mobile OSs and Device Security: A Comparison of Platforms, Patrick Hevesi, May 6, 2019