Samsung teamed up with The Supper Club to bring you our top tips to help you grow your business.

The Supper Club’s members often talk about agility being a key component to achieving business success, but to be flexible it’s vital that your business has the right foundations in place. And this means having the right team and the right technology.

Nov 27. 2017

Using technology to prioritise

Focussing on business priorities and not being distracted by less important issues can help you to push your business forward. Technology can help you concentrate on what’s most important:

Derek Moore, MD of visual effects agency Coffee & TV, finds collaboration tools to be particularly useful.
“When your to-do list is full, it’s sometimes hard to manage priorities. We’ve found a collaboration tool called Trello can help. The system allows you to schedule your workflow and guides you through the activity. And Slack is an excellent portal for letting you decide which conversations you need to be involved in and which you don't.”

Alex Minchin, CEO of digital marketers Zest Marketing, uses a whole array of tools to keep his day on track. “I use Todoist for day-to-day task management. Each morning I receive a digest of to-dos and outstanding tasks. I pair this with RescueTime, which monitors computer usage and allows me to set goals. For example, I have an alert set up to warn me if I spend more than one hour on emails per day. Each year I do a full review of where I've spent my time to work out if I can delegate or need to recruit. Without reflecting on this, it's easy to slip into doing low-value tasks.”

Creating team confidence

As well as greater efficiencies, strong foundations create confidence that teams can be trusted to deliver. Steve Clarke is founder of Freeman Clarke, who provide part-time IT Directors to the SME and mid-market sector. “There’s no substitute for being a present and engaged leader,” he says. “However, requiring your teams to provide you with a monthly report on what’s been achieved and what is planned, along with some metrics, goes some way.

“The main tip I have is to make sure the data is correct and that there aren’t multiple sources of data. If there’s not a ‘single source of truth’ for a company as far as data is concerned, then decisions can be difficult to make in a consistent manner. Having a single data source from which everyone creates their reports means there is consistency.”

Focusing on one goal

Minimising the time you spend on routine management and spending it on meaningfully developing your business can help your business grow. Kate Lester, founder of logistics group Diamond Logistics, explains how her growth accelerated after she made the decision to single-mindedly pursue just one visionary goal.

“When I started the business I had small children, my focus was split. For 19 years, it was a boutique business. Exponential success came when I focused on one target: ‘How do I build this into a £40m business?’ Complete focus on that every day is the reason for the transformation of my business in the last five years, and having hit that goal, we’ve now revised it upwards.”

Removing day-to-day distractions

Just as important as the big vision, is removing distractions from the day to day. Chelsea Blacker, co-founder of Bluegrass, a digital marketing agency, has a few practical tips: “If you have a busy, open-office environment, offer to buy staff members silencing headphones so they can focus on their work,” she suggests. “We’ve also found that using expenses software like ReceiptBank, which lets you directly upload photos of receipts, is a lifesaver for reducing admin.”

The same things that drive business success – strong foundations, confidence in your team, and the ability to focus on what matters – also make your job easier, giving you more good days at work!

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