Features of the Gaming Hub app

Last Update date : Dec 22. 2023

Gaming Hub is the ultimate app for gamers. Discover new games, optimise your gaming experience, or save and check all your gamer data with this app that can be found on Galaxy devices. Gaming Hub has many features to provide the user with the perfect gaming experience, every time.

View of the main screen of the Gaming Hub app.

Gaming Hub provides a wide range of useful features to elevate your gaming experience. Here’s a closer look:

  • My games: You can manage games added in Gaming Hub and check game information for specific things like “Play time” and “Galaxy gamer”.

  • Gamer profile: You can edit your own nickname and profile images and check “Creature collection”, “Play time” and “Favourite categories”.

  • Mute: Game sound mute icon is at “My games” area. Once Mute is activated, only game sounds are inaudible while playing games. Instant Plays games won’t be muted.

    ※ If your Gaming Hub version is lower than 7.0, the mute icon is at the bottom of the “My games” menu.

  • Bookmarks: Bookmarks is a feature that makes it easier to save content by adding bookmarks to your Webpages, pictures, or app shortcuts.

  • Game notifications: You can check game notifications by date or by game in “Game notifications”. By using “Manage game notifications” in the top right corner of the menu, you can set game notifications to be shown only in Gaming Hub.

  • Game booster: You can adjust game performance according to your own preferences.

  • Instant Plays:You can enjoy a diverse assortment of games with a single click, no installation required.

    ※ If your Gaming Hub version is lower than 7.0, you can tap on the “Instant Plays” option at the bottom of the Gaming Hub screen to access this menu.

  • Events: You can check out a list of events offering exclusive rewards, discount coupons and prize draws to level up your gameplay.

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