Know more about the PENUP app

Last Update date : Jul 19. 2022

PENUP is a unique social network where the users can communicate through drawings. You can communicate with other users from all around the world and share your everyday life and thoughts through drawings created using your S Pen.

View of the main screen of the PENUP app.

Key features

  • Drawing: You can easily and conveniently create sketches and drawings.
  • Coloring: Choose from an extensive range of designs and colours.
  • Live drawing: Watch videos of pictures and trace over them to improve your drawing skills.
  • Photo drawing: Turn photos into drawings of your own.
  • Challenge: Accept challenges from the app, and other users, to create the best drawings.
  • Drawing Comments: Use drawings to communicate with each other in a fun way. You can answer other users with your own drawings. 

Supported products

  • Devices:
    • Smartphones.
    • Tablets.
    • Windows devices.
  • Software:
    • Android ™ 8.0 OS and later version.
    • Windows ™ 10 and 11 supported.

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