The touchpad doesn’t work when restoring after system image backup

Last Update date : Apr 14. 2021

  • Touchpad doesn’t work when booting in Windows after restoring 
  • Yellow exclamation point on Intel Serial I/O Host Controller in Device Manger

This problem is due to a conflict between the driver included in the system image and the Intel Serial I/O driver.
Uninstall the device, then use Samsung Update to reinstall the driver to solve this problem.

You can solve this problem as follows:

1 Right-click the [Start] button on the taskbar, then open [Device Manager].
2 Select [System devices].
3 In Intel Serial I/O drivers, right-click [Intel Serial I/O I2C Host Controller] and [Intel Serial IO GPIO Host Controller], then click [Uninstall device] to uninstall the device.
4 After uninstalling, click the [Start ] button on the taskbar, and then open [Samsung Update].
5 In [Drivers], install [Intel Serial I/O Driver].

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