Auto dispense detergent models: Is there a simple way to clean the detergent drawer?

Last Update date : Nov 23. 2020



1. The detergent drawer will come out of the washing machine when pulling the drawer while '●' is being pushed.



2. Holding '●' and pulling it up, you can see the inside. Wipe out the inside of the detergent drawer.

   Ensure that water or detergent are not in contact with the '▲' part. Otherwise, it may lead to the breakdown.



3. After cleaning is finished, the part of the '●' symbol that sticks out from the front side of the cover

   can be fixed in-place in the front side and pulled down to close it.



4. Fully push the detergent drawer up to the end and wipe it out not to make any space.



※After set up is completed, push both the [Auto detergent] and [Auto Softner] buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds

   and the initial screen will pop up again.

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