Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?

Last Update date : Apr 16. 2018

To use Samsung DeX feature, DeX Pad(sold separately), Charger(TA), HDMI cable and Monitor, must-have peripherals and mouse(Wired or BT) and keyboard are optional. With the DeX Pad, you can connect smartphone to a TV or monitor to use its features on a wider screen. You can also connect with nearby devices, such as a keyboard or mouse. To activate DeX Pad,charger is required.

Basic requirements to use DeX Pad

Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?

•To activate DeX Pad, charger is required

1 Connect the charger to the DeX Pad’s charger port (USB Type-C). Use only the Samsung-approved charger supplied with your smartphone. Remove your mobile device from the DeX Pad when it is not in use. Otherwise, your mobile device’s battery will drain.
2 Connect one end of the HDMI cable to the DeX Pad’s HDMI port, and plug the other end of the cable into a TV or monitor’s HDMI port.

Use only the HDMI cable supplied with the DeX Pad. Otherwise, the DeX Pad may not work properly.

Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?
3 Connect the mobile device’s multipurpose jack to the mobile device connector(USB Type-C) on the DeX Pad. Ensure that your smartphone is horizontal to the connector. Otherwise, the DeX Pad and your smartphone may be damaged. And if you connect the mobile device with a case attached, it may not correctly connect to the DeX Pad or run SAMSUNG DeX properly depending on your mobile device’s case.

Remove the cover before use.

Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?
Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?

•For some mobile devices, only the normal charging mode is available when your mobile device is turned off. If you want to activate the fast charging feature, activate it when the mobile device is on or connect your mobile device directly to the Samsung-approved fast charger, not the Dex Pad. When charging, use only the Samsung-approved charger that is provided on purpose.

4 Select the screen mode you want to use. You can select Samsung DeX mode or Screen mirroring mode.
Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?

•START SAMSUNG DeX : The mobile device’s screen will turn off and appear on the connected TV or monitor in desktop mode.

DeX mode

Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?

•SWITCH TO SCREEN MIRRORING : The same screen as the mobile device will appear on the connected TV or monitor. 

* The screen mode you first select will be applied for subsequent connections.

Mirroring mode

Galaxy S9 - How do I Connect to Samsung DeX Pad?

If you want to use a keyboard or a mouse, connect them using the Dex Pad’s USB ports or via Bluetooth. Connect only a keyboard, mouse, or an USB storage device to the DeX Pad’s USB ports. Charging Devices or connecting high-capacity devices with these ports may not work properly.

When you use device’s voice recognition after connecting the DeX Pad, the voice recognition may not perform well.

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