How do I Record Exercise Information on Gear IconX (2018)?

Last Update date : Nov 24. 2020

Record and save exercise information, such as the activity duration, and the number of calories you burnt, without connecting the earbuds to your mobile device.

You can record exercise information manually or automatically.





Manually Record Exercise Information



1. Put both earbuds in your ears. You will hear a sound informing that you are wearing the earbuds.


2. Tap and hold the touchpad and release it when you hear “Start workout”.


3. When you hear “Workout started” followed by four beeps, start your workout.

  Audio coaching is provided according to your exercise target after the exercise starts.


4. When you have finished your workout, tap and hold the touchpad and release it when you hear “Finish workout”.


You will hear your workout results. You can also view the type of workout and the workout duration via your connected mobile device’s Samsung Gear app or the Samsung Health app.   



Please note that


To check the status of your workout, tap and hold the touchpad and release it when you hear “Work out details”.

   Then, you will hear the recorded exercise information.


On your mobile device, launch the Samsung Gear app and tap SETTINGSExerciseAudio guidance Guide information. Select the voice guide for duration, distance, burnt calories, and speed.


To hear your surroundings during your workout, tap and hold the touchpad and release it when you hear “Turn on ambient sound”. Then, you will hear “Ambient sound turned on”.


If the touch-sensitive sensor does not make contact with your ear, the earbuds may stop working.

Remove the earbuds from your ears and put them in your ears again within 20 minutes.

When you hear “Workout resumed”, continue your workout.


If you work out while not wearing the earbuds correctly, the earbuds might fall out from your ears.

Check to make sure your earbuds are correctly fitted into your ears before you work out.


The recording feature can be used after you connect your earbuds to the Samsung Gear app for the first time.


You can hear the workout type, total activity duration, total activity distance, burnt calories, and average speed after finishing your workout.






Automatically Record Exercise Information



Once you have engaged in an activity for more than 10 minutes while wearing the earbuds, they automatically recognize that you are exercising and record exercise information.


When you stop exercising for more than one minute, the earbuds automatically recognize that you have stopped exercising and this feature is deactivated.


Automatic syncing of workout data with Samsung Health app

   -  Auto tracking walking or running (if you walk or run continuously for at least 10 minutes, the Gear IconX (2018) transfers your workout data automatically as soon as you’re finished.)

   -  Running coaching data: The Gear IconX (2018) transfers the result of the voice running coaching automatically.







Among the various exercise types, only walking and running can be measured.

The measurements of the automatic exercise recognition feature may not be accurate depending on your walking and exercise routines.







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