How to connect a new S Pen

Last Update date : Sep 10. 2020

Before using S Pen features such as air actions with new S Pen, you must connect the S Pen to your device.


Step 1. Insert new S Pen into the slot.

Step 2. Open the notification panel, swipe downwards, tap S pen air actions, and then tap again to reactivate it.

Step 3. Tap Connect new S Pen. S Pen will be connected. You may experience a brief delay before it finished connecting.

S pen air actions


  • You can only connect Samsung-approved S Pens that support Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE).
  • Do not detach the S Pen from the device when it is connecting. Doing so will interrupt the process.
  • If it fails to connect or you want to use the previous S Pen, reconnect it.

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