How to Reactivate Netflix app on Samsung TV (Hong-Kong version)?

Last Update date : Sep 25. 2020

Depending on the Samsung television (TV) model and series, the Netflix application for Samsung TV (Hong-Kong version) will be available by upgrading the TV software. Details are as below.


The “NU/Q” series of the “2018” model should be upgraded to TV software version “1130.2” or later so as to use the Netflix application.


The “K/KU/KS” series of the “2016” model should be upgraded to TV software version “1203/1204” in order to use the Netflix application.






Recommended Action



Upgrade to TV software version 1130.2 or later.



Upgrade to TV software version 1203/1204.


Samsung recommends users always upgrading their TV software to the latest version.


After downloading the update file from the Samsung website and storing it on a USB device, connect the USB device to the TV to update.


To update using a USB flash drive, download the update package from to your computer. Then, save the update package in the USB device's top-level folder. Otherwise, the TV will not be able to locate the update package.

1 Download the update file (*.zip/*.rar/*.exe) from the Samsung website
2 Extract the folder from the compressed file (*.zip/*.rar/*.exe)
3 Copy the un-zipped folder into a top-level folder of a USB device
4 Connect the USB device to the TV
5 Press Home button on the remote control
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6 Select Settings
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7 Select Support
8 Select Software Update
9 Select Update Now

‧ Internet connection is required.
‧ Netflix streaming membership required.
‧ The above product description is only applicable to the “Netflix” application on the “NU/Q” series of the “2018” model, and the “K/KU/KS” series of the “2016” model of the Samsung televisions released in Hong Kong.
‧ The above product description was updated in November 2018 and for reference only.
‧ The above product information are subject to change without notice or obligation. Samsung Electronics H.K. Company, Limited (hereafter “Samsung”) reserves the right to make changes to this website and the products described herein, at any time, without obligation on Samsung to provide notification of such change.
‧ App availability may vary by region.
‧ All other products and services mentioned may belong to their respective trademark owners.
‧ Samsung is not obliged to any data loss, loss of application log/history, log-in issue, additional data charge, charge and/or loss due to the “Netflix” application and/or the firmware upgrade on Samsung televisions.
‧ In case of any disputes arising, the decision of Samsung shall be final.

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