Why do we have to change PIN in Samsung SMART TV?

Last Update date : Apr 23. 2018



A PIN is a numeric password that is shared between viewer and Samsung Smart TV. The viewer is required to provide a four digit confidential PIN to gain access to the Smart TV.


Changing or setting a pin helps you create child lock so that you can stop or limit access to the TV. It is also used to create Channel Lock to prevent unwanted access to the channels.


The default code is four zeros (0000). You need to enter the default pin number or the code you have set when you are resetting your Samsung TV or at the time of software update.


There is an option to set or change the PIN in the Samsung Smart TV. Follow these steps to change PIN:


Step 1: Switch ON your Samsung TV and press Menu key from remote. Select System option and press Enter key as shown below.




Step 2: Select Change PIN and press Enter key 2 from remote.




Step 3: A screen will be displayed to enter PIN. Enter the PIN which was previously set.




Step 4: Now, enter the new PIN you want to set. Type the new PIN again to confirm.




Step 5: A message will be then displayed that your PIN is changed successfully. Click on Close, then press Enter key enter from the remote.



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