Windows 11 Information

Windows 11 Upgrade Information

- Devices in the table below have been tested and can be upgraded from the latest version of Windows 10 to Windows 11.

If you need software, hardware, driver and firmware for the update, please execute "Samsung Update" or download here and execute.

- Models not included in the table below may not support the Windows 11 Upgrade.


950XDA, 950XDZ, 951XDA

950XDB, 950XDY, 951XDB, 950XDC, 951XDC

950XBE, 951XBE

950XCG, 950XCJ, 951XCG, 951XCJ, 935XDB 

930XCG, 930XCJ, 930XDA, 930XDZ, 930XDB, 930XDY, 931XCG, 931XCJ,  931XDA, 931XDB

930XBE, 931XBE, 900X3T, 901X3T, 900X5T, 901X5T


850XAC, 850XBC ,850XBD, 850XCJ, 850XCR


767XCL, 767XCM, 768XCL, 768XCM, 750BCJ, 751BCJ

760XDA, 761XDA, 762XDA, 760XBE, 761XBE, 750BBC, 751BBC

750XDA, 750XDZ, 751XDA, 755XDA, 756XDA

750XBE, 751XBE, 730XBE, 731XBE


560XDA, 561XDA, 560XDZ, 560XBE, 561XBE, 550XBE, 551XBE, 55X0BE

550EBE, 551EBE, 550XCJ, 551XCJ 

550XDA, 550XDZ, 551XDA, 530XBB, 531XBB

545XLA, 340XLA, 345XLA, 346XLA


350XBE, 351XBE, 35X0BE, 350XCJ


SM-W767V, SM-W767P, SM-W767N


950QAA, 950SBE, 950QCG, 951QCG, 951SBE

950QDA, 950QDZ, 950QDB, 950QDY, 951QDB, 951QDA


935QDB, 935QDC

930SBE, 930MBE, 930QBE, 930QCG, 931SBE, 931QBE, 931QCG

930QCA, 930QDA, 930QDB, 930QDY, 930QDZ, 931QCA, 931QDB


750QCJ, 750QUB, 751QCJ, 730QDA, 730QCJ, 731QCJ

2 in 1

SM-W737V, SM-W737N0, SM-W737A, SM-W737P, SM-W737Y

For more information on Windows, please refer to Microsoft’s Support Page

Refer to Minimum Hardware Requirements for Upgrade