How Bespoke Suits Every Lifestyle

Designed for you, by you.

Life is all about change, from the big drastic changes such as moving house to the smaller kind such as buying a new appliance. With Bespoke, our refrigerators can now change alongside our customers to suit every direction that life takes us.

Through customization, modularity, and performance, a Bespoke refrigerator in your kitchen does precisely what you want it to, when you want it to. In short, Bespoke is designed for you, by you.

that expresses you

We all like variety and Bespoke color options tailor to everyone.

Whatever colour you fancy, you get to choose the design that not just suits your kitchen, but also suits you. If you change your mind? No problem - you’re simply able to change the panel colour later on without purchasing a whole new refrigerator!

But why stick with one palette? The ability to add more panels to your fridge means you can mix and match.

Modularity that grows
with you

We’ve all been there. Sometimes, your circumstances change and you have to throw something out. Moving house is the prime example of this. All those parents out there, too, will know how crowded a fridge can get with a growing family.
Bespoke eliminates this worry and additional modules can provide all the space you’ll ever need, no matter where you are in life.

that works for you

Have you ever put something in the fridge wishing you could have more space? Designed to be flexible on the outside and inside, you can customise the interior as well as the exterior of your Bespoke fridge.

Design for you, by you
Discover the ways Bespoke can fit into your lifestyle.

Need extra fridge space for a party this weekend? The Bespoke allows you to convert freezer space into a fridge at the touch of a button, meaning you can use the space however you’d like.

No matter what your taste is, Bespoke can blend in seamlessly within your home.

Want to see how unique Bespoke designs can get?

This summer, we ran a Europe-wide competition to see how consumers would bring their original Bespoke designs to their kitchen.

We received more than 1,500 entries and over 30,000 people voted.
These entries were then judged by our panel of industry experts.

Here are some of the entries we received:


Ready to create your Bespoke?

Take a look at the full Bespoke range to discover.
choose and personalise one for your home.

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