Meet G·NUSMAS, the curious extraterrestrial

The whimsically brilliant Samsung engineer from outer space.

I accidentally stumbled
upon this Earth!

My name is G·NUSMAS. I’m from Nowus-129, a planet that is 100 million light years away. It’s always fun and exciting there! So how did I end up on Earth? Well, it all happened in a flash! I snuck into a spaceship, and I saw a button that said, ‘DO NOT PRESS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES’. How was I supposed to know it was the launch button?

I’m no stranger,
I’m from Nowus-129!

After flying 100 million light years, I landed on this bluish-greenish blob called Earth. To be more specific, I found myself at the Samsung campus in Suwon. At the entrance, I saw a sign that read: “No strangers allowed”. But then I thought to myself, “I’m not a stranger. I’m just.. from a different planet!”

So I unlocked the doors with my antennae, and guess what I saw? A room full of the coolest things! I was obsessing over all the fun stuff when someone suddenly tapped me on the shoulder - and made me an offer I simply couldn’t refuse. He said he would fix my broken spaceship if I worked with him at Samsung!

Dance like nobody’s watching, even when you’re working

Now I'm a top secret engineer at Samsung! But it seems a bit too quiet for me here, compared to what I'm used to from my home planet Nowus-129. Let's spice things up and have some fun! Are you ready? Drop the beat!

The whole world’s my stage!

This office is not big enough for me to show you all the exciting things I can do. So I wondered, is there a bigger stage for me? Then it hit me: my stage could be anywhere I want it to be! A desk, a curved monitor, a smartphone, or an air purifier. The Earth or outside of Earth — wherever I choose to roam! One step, two step, three step, four! I never knew Earth was such a fun place.

I want to meet all you Earthlings out there!

I may not look like you, with my huge eyes and blue antennae. But I hope that doesn’t scare you! When I told my Samsung friends about wanting to meet more Earthlings, they said, “G·NUSMAS, you may be a bit clumsy and goofy sometimes, but you’re so endearing. We have no doubt everyone will love you.”

"Everyone"? That’s it! I’m going to meet all the Earthlings on this planet that I can find! My journey starts now, so see you all soon!

*Device and screen images simulated for illustrative purposes.

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