How can I use a drying rack in my dryer?

It is recommended to use a drying rack for delicate items that may be damaged by the rotating dryer. The primary benefit of using a rack in the dryer is to keep items from tumbling around and getting damaged as well as to extend the life of your items.

Drying racks for your convenience

It is good to use a drying rack to take care of heavy or delicate items, such as shoes or jumpers. It keeps the laundry flat and secure as the tumbler rotates. The laundry is dried by the heat of the dryer, without the noise or potential damage that tumble drying can cause.

Drying rack inside the dryer.


  • The drying rack comes along with the appliance for the applicable models only.
  • Remove the rack from the drum before you use the dryer for the first time.

How to use the drying rack

Step 1. Position the drying rack in the drum, while inserting the front lips of the rack into the holes of the door frame.

Position the drying rack in the drum.

Step 2. Place items on the rack, leaving enough space where air can circulate. 

  • For clothing items, fold and place them flat on the rack.
  • For shoes, place them with their soles facing down. 
Place items on the rack.

Step 3. Close the door and press Power. Select TIME DRY, and then press Dry Time to select the drying time.


  • Select the time according to the moisture and weight of the items.
  • It may be necessary to reset the timer if a longer drying time is needed.

Step 4. Press the Start/Pause.

When drying laundry using the drying rack, the TIME DRY cycle is recommended.

How to set

Step 1. Turn the Cycle selector to select TIME DRY.

Step 2. Press Dry Time to set the drying time.

Press dry time to set.


  • The actual cycle time may differ depending on the dryness of the items.
  • The actual design and dry level operation may differ depending on the model that you have.
  • Please find a manual with the specific model number that you have. 

Drying suggestions

  • Washable jumpers: Fold and place the clothes on the rack to prevent the clothing from becoming wrinkled.
  • Foam rubber pillows
  • Stuffed toys (cotton or polyester fibre filled / foam or rubber-filled): Keep the shape and place it on a dry rack.
  • Trainers: To dry sports shoes, place them on the rack so that the soles of the shoes are facing downwards.

Unsuitable material for drying

  • Drying foam rubber, plastic, latex, and rubber: This may cause damage to the items and lead to a fire hazard.
  • Shoes: To prevent damage to shoes, please use a dry rack.
  • Products with adhesive may be damaged or damaged by the heat.


  • Excessive drying can damage your laundry.
  • Do not drying over the maximum capacity (1.5 kg) on a drying rack. (This may cause of the product to malfunction.)

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