How do I activate child lock on my Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Dryer?

The Child Lock function is used to stop children tampering with the tumble-dryer’s drying cycle. When Child Lock is on all buttons except the Power Button and Additional Functions button are disabled. Activating and deactivating the Child Lock function varies between different models of dryer. Some of the most common options are outlined below. For exact instructions consult your user manual.

Child Lock

Look for the Child Lock symbol on your machine. If it is lit up, this means the Child Lock is active.

How do I activate child lock on my Samsung Heat Pump Tumble Dryer (Models DV9*/DV8*/DV6*)?
For devices without a Navigation dial

Methods to activate/deactivate the Child Lock can vary between washing machine models. Some common methods are explained below:

  • Press the Time and Drying Level buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

  • Press the + and buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds. These buttons can be found bellow the Delay End symbol.

  • Press the Smart Control and Damp Alert buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

  • Press the Drying Level and Wrinkle Prevent buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.

The Child Lock icon will light up once Child Lock is activated.

Please note: Once Child Lock is activated, you will not be able to press any buttons other than the power button until the Child Lock is deactivated.

For devices with a Navigation dial
1 Close the dryer door. If the door is open you will not be able to activate Child Lock.
2 If you get the "Door is open" message on the display while you try to turn on Child Lock, close the door and try again.
3 Tap the additional functions icon .
4 Turn the Navigation dial to select Child Lock.
5 Tap the select button.
6 Tap the select button to select On or Off.
7 The Child Lock icon will turn on when the function is on.

Please note: If you tap a button with Child Lock activated, an alarm will trigger with the “Child Lock on” message. If you open and close the door with Child Lock on, an alarm will also trigger with the messages “Open door & check inside” and “Child Lock on”.

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