How to stream TV to a Family Hub

Samsung Smart View allows you to screen mirror from your Samsung TV directly to the screen of your Family Hub. Stream and follow along with cooking shows or keep up with your favourite series all while in the kitchen.

Find out more about how to set up and use your Family Hub.

Connecting to a Samsung TV

1 Tap the Smart View icon on your Family Hub
2 A list of available TVs will be displayed. Tap the TV that you want to stream to your Family Hub

Please note: your TV and Family Hub need to be connected to the same Wi-Fi connection and you should not have a VPN running

3 A permissions box will appear on the screen of your TV. Select Allow

Please note: this permissions box will time out within 20-30 seconds. If you didn't accept the permissions, you can enable them in your TV settings. Follow the steps in Checking the connection in your TV settings for more information

Your TV should now be streaming to your Family Hub. If your TV has disconnected, repeat steps 1-2 to reconnect.


Is my TV compatible?

If your TV is compatible with Smart Hub streaming it will say so in the specifications.

Go to Samsung Support and search for the model number for your TV. Look for Convergence under Specifications. If your TV is compatible with TV to Mobile - Mirroring, then it is also compatible with your Family Hub.


Checking the connection in your TV settings
1 Open the Settings menu on your TV
2 Select General
3 Select External Device Manager
4 Select Device Connection Manager
5 Select Device List
6 Search for your Family Hub. It will appear as [Refrigerator] Samsung. It should say Allowed next to your Family Hub

Please note:

  • If it doesn't say Allowed next to your Family Hub, select Edit and change to Allow
  • If there are two refrigerators listed, select Edit and Delete on both. Repeat the steps for connecting to your TV again
  • If you cannot see any refrigerators listed, repeat the steps for connecting to your TV again

Please note: if everything is showing correctly on your TV, but the TV is still not streaming to the fridge, it is likely that there is external interference or excess distance between your TV and fridge

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