Do I need a memory or SD card to use my Gear 360?

The Samsung Gear 360 camera captures 360-degree videos and photos of you and your surroundings in one shot. You need to have an SD or memory card inserted into your Gear 360 before you can take any videos or photos.

The Gear 360 accepts SD cards with a capacity of up to 200GB.

Note that SD cards are sold separately and if you use a slow-writing card, the recording of your video may be interrupted if the card cannot process data quickly enough. SD and memory cards can be bought from most electrical retailers and can be bought from the Samsung online shop.

To protect the SD card and ensure better compatibility, the device will switch off whenever the SD card is inserted or removed.

Once you have a memory or SD card, find out how to insert it in to your Gear 360.

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To find out more about how to use the device click through to the Smart Simulator or click here to view the manual for the Gear 360.

Please note: Gear 360 app updates and compatibility support on newer devices will be discontinued from August 1, 2020. Gear 360 ActionDirector and Gear 360 apps for Windows and Mac respectively will continue to be supported until February 28, 2024.

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