How do I use my watch and phone to locate each other?

PLEASE NOTE: that your Galaxy watch will need to be paired to your device before it can be tracked.

If you have misplaced your Galaxy Watch or mobile phone, don't panic. It's now possible to track them by using the Find My Watch feature on your mobile device or the Find My Phone feature on your Galaxy Watch.


Find My Watch

To find your Galaxy Watch using your mobile device, you will need to:

1 Open the Samsung Wearable app on your phone. You can find this in your Samsung folder if it was pre-installed.
2 Tap the Settings tab
3 Tap Find My Watch or Find My Gear
4 Tap Start. If you do not see this step, skip to step 5

PLEASE NOTE: that this option will only work if your Galaxy Watch is within the Bluetooth range. 

5 Tap Turn on Remote connection
6 You will be given two options

Get location - gives you the address of where the Galaxy Watch is currently located.

Set Security - allows you to remotely set a lock, reset or put a reactivation lock on the Galaxy Watch.  

Find My Phone

To find your mobile device using your Galaxy Watch, you will need to:

1 Press the home or power button on the Galaxy Watch
2 Swipe or rotate the bezel to Find My Phone, then select it
3 Once you have read the disclaimer, tap Agree. If you do not see this screen, skip to step 4
4 Tap Start to begin locating your mobile device

Your mobile device will start to ring, making it easier to locate.

5 Once you have found your mobile device, swipe or tap the X icon on your device

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